We think it is important to share our life stories; failures, successes; questions, lessons, and answers; discoveries, re-discoveries, and new creations of our selves and our life.  This allows individuals to learn to express, discuss, "listen," and learn; either gaining or imparting wisdom, knowledge, and most importantly of all -- HOPE.  It could save a life, and that very life could be their own.

The topics can range widely.  We don't necessarily care if it is strictly about your alcoholism/addiction or not.  Maybe your point of view is from the other side of the fence; Al-Anon, Alateen, a nurse, doctor, EMT, friend, family, counselor... the list goes on.  Perhaps it is about what lead you (or the other person) to addiction.

Addiction effects everyone involved, and we feel it is a good thing to share your experience, strength, and hope, no matter where it has come from -- as long as it isn't argumentative, intolerant, hateful, malicious, or negative in any way.

Negative doesn't mean "not hard hitting."  We're dealing with alcoholism/addiction here, chances are there will be many hard hitting topics and stories.  We highly welcome thought provoking subjects as long as they are positive, engaging, non-judgmental, and can assist those that are seeking help and hope (aka: your story!).

Submission Guidelines:

  1. If you're simply trying to ask questions or give feedback, please visit our contact page.
  2. We welcome anyone with any addiction, as well as those from the other side of the fence, at any level in their recovery.
    • HOWEVER, this does not mean that we will publish the article, poem, story, blog, picture, or audio.  We reserve the right to refuse, omit, or remove any uploaded material in our discretion as per our Terms of Service agreement. 
  3. Absolutely no commercial/advertisement/promotions/redirects without prior authorization from Drunkless, LLC.
    In other words, ads/commercials, promotions, weblink redirects and other such material will be rejected. Period.
  4. Be respectful of our Anonymity and Censorship guidelines.
  5. Some things are hard hitting, and we're okay with that. But our goal is to provide some kind of hope through connectivity. Any submission that emits fear, hate, and/or negativity rather than hope, love, and positivity will be either 1) asked to be reviewed by the author and resubmitted, or 2) will simply be rejected at our discretion.
  6. Respect all forms of disease, whether on the addiction side of the fence, or on the other side of the fence.
  7. If approved by our approval board, submissions will be posted as-is. Please have your submission edited and otherwise ready to be published.
  8. Rule #62
If this is your first time writing a Guest Blog for Drunkless, below is a suggested guide for writing your story. Or if you would like to write on a suggested topic, feel free to review the month's #TopicSeed.

If you're ready to submit, click this green text right here to open up the submissions form.

If you're having problem getting that pop-up window to open, you can access the form right here (inside this window) instead.

Want to share but not sure how to go about it?

Our suggested writing guide:

  1. Where'd you come from? What happened?
    Briefly describe your life before, and what led you up to your addiction.
  2. What was it like?  What "hell"/rock-bottom did you go through/hit?
    Describe your turning point. This is highly important. Do not drag it out (we don't need war stories), but briefly explain the misery. What happened to you?
  3. How did you get out?
    What helped you become Drunkless (sober up/stop using/stop doing/behaving)? Was it a type of program (12-step or otherwise)? Sheer willpower? What helped you choose or forced you to choose? 
  4. How are you STAYING out?
    What are you doing these days that is keeping you clean/sober/not doing? What activities/programs (12-step or otherwise) do you utilize to help maintain sobriety?
  5. What is it like living in recovery NOW?  How are you feeling?  How are relationships changing and/or the way you see yourself?

Note that these are suggested guidelines, you do not have to follow this format.  We would like to reiterate, however, that when all is said and done, we want to be encouraging and hopeful to those that may come across your writing, whether newly in sobriety/recovery or having been around for many years.  Because sometimes, it's not just about discovering or being taught -- it's about RE-discovering or being RE-taught.