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By: DL

Oh man, quick update tonight! Each of us have been super busy with our lives over here at Drunkless, so we've kind of missed a few blogs! Speaking of which, I have a blog that I had intended to post tonight, but I am putting it off for a week because I wanted to express a little tonight before going to bed, as I've had an experience today that -- well, it kind of needs to be explained.  I won't use names due to anonymity, but here's the highlights...


I had an opportunity today to do something that I didn't ever think about doing. I should've known better, because the reality is that when the oldest boy was in the hospital in ICU, there were plenty of examples of the type of people I am about to speak of.

I got off of work today and tended to my duties, and then I picked up a friend of mind.  We grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to a meeting that was being held in a hospital. At the time, I thought that the meeting was a typical support group meeting.  I had assumed that we were assisting the normal chairperson because she'd been injured and couldn't do it, so we were happy to go do whatever it was that needed to be done.

However, as it turns out, this meeting was actually being brought to the said "chairperson" by a group of people from the rooms!  I didn't know that at the time, and I was needlessly surprised at what was happening; many people wanted to be there for her in any way possible, including bringing a meeting to her!

I am constantly blown away by the Program and the People in the program. Here was a young lady who'd been hit by a car who was taking as little of the prescribed meds as she could because she was afraid of relapse... so she called for a meeting!  She reached out and asked her friends for help, and they didn't just offer advice or come to visit -- they came to SUPPORT.  To lift her up!  To bring to her what she could not go to when she needed it the most!

I don't know the injured, young lady very well, I've only met her and seen her a few times. When I realized what was going on, I felt completely out of place because I was technically still a stranger, and I began to shrink; I felt like I was intruding.  Before entering the hospital room, I told a couple of people that I didn't realize that was why we were there, and tried to hint that perhaps I shouldn't be there -- but then I realized -- it didn't matter, because I was there.  I was suddenly calmed by a reminding-thought that I was "exactly where I was supposed to be at that very moment."

I was supposed to be there.  Why? I don't know.  Maybe there was something I'd say to help someone else that was there.  Or perhaps I had something to learn.  Or possibly -- possibly it had 100% nothing to do with me except that I was a ride for friend who needed to be there. Maybe she had something that needed to be heard, or even to hear what someone else had to say.  Or maybe -- maybe I just needed to accept the fact that I was in a position that, even though I was uncomfortable,  wouldn't kill me.  On the other hand...

As I watched this gal sitting in her hospital bed, propped up and tearfully smiling, I began to realize that she was simply grateful for the fact that her friends had shown up to give her support.  I witnessed -- again -- what the power of the people can do for someone who's hurt, in pain, and afraid of going back out.  The words of wisdom, strength, and hope were so bright in that room that the chaplain and nurse had to feel the love and support.  I don't know why my Higher Power brought me to that meeting, and it's likely I'll never know, but what I can say is this:

It was amazing.


I don't know what more to say this evening.  I've been losing sleep for weeks now as I try to catch up on the revamped website and a few other goodies that are coming up, but I needed to get out with people, to work a little on me and friendships, so I did.  And I don't regret it.  I'm not sure how these last few days are going to mess with the Drunkless schedule, but for this guy -- it's been a good thing.





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