Saturday Morning Post

Where did the week go?!

By: abbiegrrl

Here I am, once again, it's Friday night and I'm SO ready for bed! I'm gonna have to go back to doing this on Wednesday or Thursday! How has the week been, for you? I've been busy, but mostly just between my ears. Go figure, right? :)

Welcome to the Saturday Morning Post! I was thinking that it would really be swell if you, dear reader, were to drop me a line as to a topic that you'd like for me to write on. Please send me any & all ideas!

Gratitude. Grateful for having easy access to all kinds of audio & video files to encourage my recovery and strengthen my spiritual life. On any given day, as I drive to work, I have countless options to listen to. Recovery podcast? Spiritual teacher? Never have there been more resources to help us get and stay clean & sober. Grateful for today and tomorrow. Whatever happens, He's got us. Have a fantastic week!!

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