Daily Life

When in doubt... use the SECRET

By: DL

Well, I blew it. I always knew this day would come. It was just more than I had expected it to be, and I broke...

"Wait, what?"

NO! No no no! I'm still sober!  Holy crap! No, I'm stone-cold sober! Yikes!

What I mean is, I forgot my blog was due last night! Oi. I simply forgot that it was due. I sat in the house thinking, "Man, I strangely have a lot of free time. How weird. What am I to do with all of this?"

With a POP! I woke up this morning and knew I'd completely missed my deadline.  ugh.  It was bound to happen, I was just hoping that our site would be a year old first.

I've been sitting here for thirty minutes, wondering what I would do about this.  moping about how I'd done nothing and I was failing my task.  Mind you, I've missed in the past before, when I was doing the Nearly-Daily blog posts, but that was daily, so one would expect that a day or two might be missed.  But since I went to the once per week thing, I didn't want to miss any.  But I did.

How am I going to fix this? I have to leave to go to my regular job in less than ten minutes, and I am SOOOOOO FAR BEHIND! The pressure is on, and I am feeling a little stressed to say the least... and then it occurred to me:

I mean, duh.  DUH! duh.  So here I am, just getting started.  I am getting started and moving forward with my day, with an unusual blog for me, but I think this is an important lesson, nonetheless.

So really, I guess I didn't entirely miss my deadline.  Just, well -- sorta.  Okay, I missed it, but I'm moving on!

If you're not sure where to start out on your day, or that project, or how to ask the question or tell your story -- just get started.  After all, isn't that how we all got sobered up, more or less?