Learning to Live a life of Choice. Learning to live Drunkless.

We are Recovering alcoholics and addicts, and these are mini-chapters of our lives. Here, we are learning to live a life of choice; we're learning to live Drunkless.

We'll share in our writings, in our podcasts, in our photos, art, and music -- our creativity will show who we are, what we're going through, and how we make it -- 24 hours at a time.




This time of day


It's that time of day again...

... yep. That time of day.  Know what I like about this time of day?

I woke up.

I'd like to ask, "How often does one just find themselves waking up on a daily basis?"  That question may seem odd to the normie, but to the recovering alcoholic/addict -- it's a freakin' miracle.

I love this time of day these days.  When I was active in my alcoholism/addiction, I absolutely dreaded waking up!  I would get down right angry about it.  I was afraid to face the sunlight and all the glory that the world would partake in as I watched, miserably, the joys and laughters I had not felt since a very young child.

I was blessed with an ending yesterday that I hadn't in a while.  I didn't want to go to my meeting, but strangely was being held accountable (the program tends to have that effect on us), and what a great meeting it was, I really needed that.  Immediately afterwards, I was invited to do some serious service work, where I walked out with a number to a struggling young man at just 72 hours of sobriety.  To boot, I got to hang out with one of my besties, HW, a person I always enjoy hanging out with. We've planned a camping trip in the near future.  I can't remember the last time I went camping without a family member (I think I was 23 back then -- maybe).

And this morning, tired as I am, I plant my feet on the ground first thing and I thank my higher power for these moments.  I AM SOBER.  I am alive.  I am now doing what I had once thought was not possible.  I am doing what I once thought the only answer to was death.  I am doing.  Period.

I like this time of day. More and more.




Be Positive. Be Compassionate. Be Love. Be Spiritual. Be Life. Just BE.

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