Feature Friday, Guest Blog

Lost in Translation


I have been around the block a few times
Lied to my family and committed a handful of crimes
My complexion changed
My thought pattern re-arranged
Mind altering drugs became a part of my daily routine
Somehow I could not grasp life and could not stay clean
I was lost in translation among a different generation
Physically feeling drained and going through a spiritual starvation
Hope peaked through the darkest of days
Providing sunshine in my eyes and allowing me to see my spiraling craze
Behind my selfish acts and my distraught behavior
I knew that God was my answer my Lord and savior
Lost in translation was my way of remaining humble
I did not grasp everything at first and at times I did stumble
With focus and strength and the goal clear in sight
Support, hope & coffee commitments and meetings at night
God Grand me the Serenity
Remember, don't break the anonymity
Facing life on life's terms
Talking in front of people taking tokens you've earned
Anxiety and stress and feeling pressure in my chest
Feeling like i'm going backwards but giving it my best
I get by with the help of my friends
Thank you for never giving up on yourself
I remember where I came from and remain grateful for all life's beauty
I live life remembering to leave a gratuity