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By: Anonymous

Take time to do what makes your soul happy

I've heard this called "flow."

Flow happens when whatever we're doing comes so enjoyably and easily that time is literally altered.

Like when we were kids, playing football or volleyball in the church yard, and suddenly, it was dark out, and we hadn't realized we'd been playing for hours.  It didn't feel like it, save maybe a minor bruise or two.

Or when I'm playing on the piano, and half a day goes by, and I squirm in pain on the bench because I hadn't been to the bathroom yet.

Or when I'm working on a drawing, and six or seven hours have gone by, and I'm suddenly realizing that I'm shaking because I hadn't eaten for the day.

It doesn't matter whether it is working on my deck, my car, writing, singing, walking, motorcycle riding, videos, podcasting, etc., when I'm in the flow, time changes.  What may seem like minutes turned into hours, and sometimes, what seems like hours has only been minutes.

This is an important observation to notice, because when time alters, we're going somewhere else; we're in the flow.

Time is an important therapy for those of us in recovery.  It's a must if we want to be serene and at peace.  We must take the time to make our souls happy, to get into the flow once in a while.  How we choose to spend that time is what will determine how happy our soul is.

Take the time.  Make it happen.  Do what makes your soul happy.