Stay Positive

Stay Positive

By Steve Anonymous

I have had a strange couple of weeks really starting with a fantastic family holiday in Florida which produced so many priceless memories. However since being back from holiday I have had a bad case of the post holiday blues.....and my Disney bubble has well and truly burst. I also had some bad news that my Grandad is at deaths door and only has a few days to live (he's had a good innings at 96 but never nice to hear news like this). I went to see him earlier in the week to say goodbye and got quite emotional about it. But then I had to think of the nice memories from my childhood and the precious times we had spent together. These type of things can be stressful to 'normal' people but can be even harder for people with mental illness. I keep telling myself to keep positive and accept the things I cannot change. Looking back over this year I think I have achieved a lot so thought I would share this positivity in my blog.

  1. I am now 915 days since my last gamble.
  2. I am now blogging on the Drunkless website (sharing my experiences across the pond)
  3. I have over 400 followers on my @gambling_free Twitter account
  4. I am close to buying my first new car in 10 years!
  5. Running is going really well and I continue to get the miles in as I train for my next half marathon (which is also helping me lose some weight)
  6. I have another holiday in Spain to look forward to in August 
  7. I haven't gambled today thanks to my higher power!!!

So any negative thoughts need to be quickly pushed aside and I must be positive - just for today. I mustn't look too far into the future and try to focus on the present.
My recovery is important to me and I must continue this spiritual journey with the help of my family, friends and Gamblers Anonymous.

My name is Steve and I am a compulsive gambler.