Recovery Inspiration



I've started farming.  Yes, I know it's winter, nonetheless I've started farming. Interestingly, I'm not really sure what for.  That's right, I don't know exactly what for -- I just know that I need to do it.  And equally as interesting, it is usually not for what I expected, but always for what I need.  Don't know what I mean?  Well... hmmm... let me attempt to explain it.

Each morning, I attempt to do this.  Now, before I get started, bear in mind that I attempt to do this.  It's not a perfect process for me, just one that I'm aware of and try to do.  Sometimes I'm successful all week, most often I'm only successful a couple days at a time, with double the days in between.  It's progress.  Not perfection.

Ask HP

I tell the Universe what I wish for. I let my HP hear what my desires are and what I am offering.  I express to God what it is that I am trying to accomplish and how I believe it is beneficial to others.

This is important, because during this process, I acknowledge that my request isn't purely selfish and that I am to use this gift to help others as well as my self.

Set Goals

This is the "sow your seed" piece.  Plant what needs to be done for the day, whether one specific goal, or many.  I just be sure that they're realistic, attainable goals.  For instance, "I want to be of service to [someone/something]" or "I want to get through the day with more positive thoughts" or "I will eat better/walk further/drink more water today."

Simple, realistic, attainable.

Water it

Once I know what I want from my day, I begin doing the things that I need to do to make it grow.  I look for ways to be of service; I smile more and speak to the clerk with a peppier, more jovial attitude; I avoid the fast food, get out side more, and drink more water.

This, truthfully, is the equivalent to action.  Pick up that water jug, put water in it, and gently pour it on the seed.  Do the next, best indicated thing.

Let it Grow

I've expressed to the Creator what I desire, I've set the goals, and I've taken action.  Here, I have to simply have faith that the seed will germinate and grow, and trust that the seed I've planted has been specifically chosen for my wishes and the benefit of others.  I continue to take action by watering and caring for it, but I don't worry about what's going to become of it or what it will ultimately be.  I simply have faith that it will provide for me what is necessary to do the upcoming tasks at hand.

Reap the Harvest

Once the seed has come to full fruition, it is time to acknowledge what it is and to put it to use.

I may have asked for an apple, but instead, the seed became a carrot, or perhaps an oak tree or an aloe vera plant.  What is it that I'm supposed to do with this harvest? How can it help me help others, and in turn help me grow?  How can this help me attain my initial request and fulfill my goals?

I use it for what it is. Food to feed, wood to build, plants to heal, etc.

Trust the Nourishment

I must allow the fruits of my labor to do what it was originally designed to do -- support and help myself as well as others in it's own particular way.  This is often something I don't see right away and can sometimes be frustrating; my skill set may not be what I think it should and therefore I have a hard time seeing how I can help someone.  Or I have troubles finding positive thoughts when my car won't start or I have an accident or I encounter a dispute with someone.  Or maybe my efforts to get healthier becomes more difficult because I'm presented with more opportunities to be taught how to [whatever] in order to utilize the very things I'm requesting.

I must trust that it is going to give me what I need at the time I am receiving it, and if I don't see a use for it, I find one -- I seek out a purpose for it and use it to the best of my ability. That's called training -- aka: being nourished.

So ya -- I'm a farmer now, constantly planting new seeds. Some are harvested by the minute or hour, some daily or weekly, while others are months or even years apart. Hey, I didn't say it wasn't an odd farm, only that I've taken up farming.  And I am learning.  Slowly, but surely.  I am still just a novice.  I discovered just the other day that there's this whole thing about sick-soil vs well-soil.  Huh, go figure.  The lessons never cease, do they?