Saturday Morning Post

Saturday Morning

In recovery, Life happens!  And at Drunkless, we are HUGE on taking care of yourself, your recovery, your family, and your Higher Power.

This morning, we received a quick note from Abbiegrrl regarding Saturday Morning Post she authors for Drunkless.  She's been getting hit with Life, and the pains are not only hard, but often very time consuming.  We applaud Abbie for not worrying about the Drunkless post.  She's got a much bigger issue to attend to (as you can read about here), and we commend her for taking the time Life requires when it comes to her family, recovery, Higher Power, and herself.  When she has the time, she will return if she can.

Please send your light, good vibes, thoughts, prayers, and any other positive loves towards Abbiegrrl and her family.


Take the break you need.  Write when you can. We'll be here a while, just take care of you.

Love from the Drunkless Crew.