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Prayer Changes the Light

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Prayer Changes the Light


I was struggling one night with an internal conflict, one that I could not resolve.  In the dark depths of my fight, I told myself that I wasn’t at fault, yet I argued with myself until I was restless and discontent.  I was up all night long, beating myself up and blaming myself for everything that had been said and things that weren't even happening – but I began to realize deep inside that it truly wasn’t me.  I knew I couldn’t be blamed for their actions or their words, and by morning I was completely convinced that it was them who was at fault for all the shit I was putting myself through.

And I wanted affirmation.  More importantly, I wanted them to stop (perceptually) shitting on me every time I did or said something!

So, I began to pray.  I prayed that, whatever length of time it required, they would see what they were doing wrong; that the situation would change so they didn’t (seemingly) feel the need to be an asshole; that they would see what they needed to change and would see what they were doing incorrectly – and that they would just stop doing it!

I used to believe that prayer would change things.

But something occurred to me in that moment of prayer…

If I truly believe that I am not in the wrong, yet I am still being shit upon, then it is entirely up to me to remove myself from underneath the assholes.  I am the one that needs to take the action to change, not them – it’s my responsibility to change where I’m at, no one else’s.  

I now know that prayer doesn’t change the situation, it changes me, and it’s me who changes things.

So I step out of the deep, dark latrine, and I wash off.  Funny how warm the sun is when I come out of the pit's shadow and walk into the light.



Author's Note: This is directed towards no one particular person or incident -- it is just some things I've been going through, where I have been put in my place a number of times as of late, and I felt dumped on.  Thank God for friends who'll let me know where I've crossed the line -- even if it does feel like I'm being shit on -- and who will still be there to take my hand and help me out of my own personal latrine (lct).