Feature Friday, Guest Blog

Poh-tate-toe, Pa-tah-toe

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By Dawayne Perza

What you might call God might look different to me. I might not agree with the way the God of your understanding looks or the way that you present your God to others. I may not be willing to look at God as something that could be defined or categorized as a cosmic male parent, sitting in the heavens on some glorious thrown. But does that mean that what you see and what I see is not the exact same thing? Take an inkblot Test for example? We are both presented with the exact same inkblot. You and I have been asked to look at and to tell, in our own words, what we see. Maybe we are in separate rooms? We could even throw the idea of you are asked in the earlier hours of the day, and I am asked in the later hours of the evening or vice versa. Same inkblot. Identical. Tell me, what are the chances that our description of what we see in the inkblot would even come close to the same? I would venture to say that the chances are quite unlikely. Let’s say we are best friends? And we knew we were being tested and we thought really hard about what the other would say and in attempts to be able to describe it in a way that we think would be similar to the other. Would we still be far off the mark of similar? I can only imagine.

What you call God I call The Universes Creative Intelligence. There is definitely power in a name. Strength and growth can be gained from any name if there is a positive belief, mindset, and attitude attached to the name. But the opposite is just as true as well.  Though as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet says, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet;” or even something a bit more morbid like a pile of doggie doo in a nicely wrapped box with a pretty little bow wouldn’t change the fact that it is still doggie doo. Not to imply any correlations between God being neither roses nor doggie doo. I just mean to paint a mental imagine to present the idea that the name is not the important part, the belief, mindset and the attitude is the important part. 

I believe that the universes creative intelligence makes it possible for me wake up every single day with an opportunity to start my life over a brand new person. To be able to let go of the things that are not helping me become a better person than I was yesterday. That is a gift that is has no cost but a priceless one. Now there is so much joy that I feel when seeing others on their own personal journeys of growth and progress. That joy reminds me of where I have come from, where are am now, and the infinite possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. Today I do all the things I can to plug into that  power, through pray and meditation, to recharge so that I have light when it is needed. I am still just a baby to these concepts but I am already receiving more than I am giving and I know for a fact that I can’t keep it unless I give it away. Today I am responsible to those that reach out to me for help. I want to be there.