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Pause. Let's Take A Moment




I’ve reached another fork in the road. I’m not sure which direction to take. It is not a place I have been in a bit – the uncertainty. I’ve recently encountered a new concern in regards to my life and it has thrown a monkey wrench into a few things. I’m not really at a point to share it with everyone yet, but I’m sure that I as get things figured out, I’ll surely be able to use it as a point of experience, strength, and hope.


For now, I think I’ll stand at this fork and just be. Its really all I feel I have the power to do at this moment. I am going to be present in the moment, enjoy the moment I am in, and find the little dashes of gratitude that speckle my life on a daily basis.


I won’t be out of reach for long. I am staying accountable to my readers, my recovery, my friends and my higher power. I just needed to touch base with reality and let everyone know that although which path I take is undetermined at this time, the minute that God shows me which one to take, I’ll be right here to share it with you.


Thank you for your continued support of my writing, my recovery, and my life. I am eternally grateful for each of you that continue to hold on with me through this journey we call recovery. I hope that I am able to help someone somewhere know that although it gets tough at times, there is a solution and there is another day.


I hope that all of you have an amazing week. I hope that you find moments of peace in each day, grace in each moment, and happiness in all that you do. Until next week, have a blessed adventure.


~ Tami Harper Winn ~


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