Saturday Morning Post

One Day at a Time

By: abbiegrrl

When I got sober, they taught me to stay in today, ie "One Day at a Time." As it turns out, I found myself in a situation that made that saying real to me, in just about 3 months. When faced with a real possibility of a loved one's imminent death, it makes it easier to not look too far ahead. When you are looking at every moment with them as possibly the last, not thinking of the future becomes not just a suggestion, but the only option at the time. Not knowing if your newborn will make it to the next day puts things in their true perspective.

Here's this week's gratitude list:

  1. Morel mushrooms
  2. Fried green tomatoes
  3. Baby animals - except insects/arachnids
  4. Not-too-warm days & crisp nights
  5. Memories of perfect moments with my darlings.

What are you grateful for today?

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