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New Year's Gratitude


by abbiegrrl

My Mom flew in on New Year's eve; it was her 1st visit to our home in the mountains!
Ordinarily, I have mixed feelings (at best) about spending more than a few hours with any of my family. In anticipation of this 4-days of hosting my Mom, my feelings weren't any different. But it didn't go as I'd expected.

We had planned to go exploring in the nearby towns, and see some historic landmarks while Mom was here, but the weather was too cold and blustery to do anything outside, as she has COPD and can't see as well as she once could. So we shopped. And we shopped. And we had Sprite & tea @ the Blue Lady. And we cooked and shopped.

I was expecting to be irritated and stressed out while Mom was here. She seems to have a hard time accepting that I am an adult, and it's usually not long before I regress into being a defensive, offended child...

Not this time. I'm not sure why, but I felt more accepted, appreciated, and loved over those 4 days than I can remember, ever feeling, by my Mom.

Was it me? Was it her? Was it the good space that my hubby, son & I have come to be in, that made the difference? I don't know. Maybe all of those things, maybe none.

My Mom celebrated her 79th birthday while she was here. I feel like I received the birthday present, because our time together was so pleasant.

I'm not trying to over-think the whole thing, but I'm so surprised and taken aback by the way my time with Mom played out. And relieved.

I am grateful for bringing in this new year with my husband, my son and my Mom. The only thing that would have made it better is having my older son in attendance, as well. We're all a bit crazy, but call it a late Christmas miracle: there was peace and love in our place while Mom was in town.

How was your New Year? I'm grateful that you stopped by. Leave me your thoughts below, please.

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