Lift Your Spirit

A Little Note


I'm betting no one expected the see "By DL" as the author today, but "surprise!" -- it's me!

Part of my job on Drunkless is to keep our readers informed of when our bloggers can't post a blog. The authors will ask me to let their readers know when something is up with them, so that's what I am doing for O. R. Marv today.

Don't worry -- he's doing quite well, actually.  As you can see by his picture, he's off in Cancun, Mexico on vacation, enjoying some well deserved time off.  He even sent us a picture to prove that he's doing okay (wish I was there with you, Marv!).  We hope he's having fun, it certainly looks like a wonderful place to be! Woo hoo!

Durning the holidays it will be much harder for all of us to get blogs or podcasts up, so bear with us as we juggle our jobs, our volunteer Drunkless time, and our holiday schedules all at once.  This can be quite the task at times.  Once we're past the holidays, things should normalize once again.

Meanwhile, go for a walk, or snow skiiing, or swimming, or hit the gym, or make something healthy to snack on -- but whatever you do: stay healthy, #FitFam, and be #RecoveryStrong.