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Meditation Minutes; Time to Spare


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I got up, semi-late, rushed through the shower, whipped a brush through my hair, and tossed on some clothes. Already, half asleep and out of time, I found myself in a frantic rush.  I had wanted to sit down and write this morning because I couldn't get to it last night.

It's a toss up -- write... meditate.  write... meditate.

Duh.  You're reading this, so obviously... well, wait.  No, not so obviously.

I love to meditate.  For some reason, I had decided I was going to write real quick, and then if I had time, I would meditate.


I can hear the Buddha say, "Meditate every single day, and if you don't have time, well -- meditate twice as long."

Meditation is awesome, and I know when I hit the flow, because time changes during meditation.  Often, it will feel like only minutes, but will have been tens or twenty (or more, depending on how long one is willing to go).  But that's NOT the only way time will change.  Sometimes, it changes the other direction.

Take this very morning, for instance.

I decided I needed to meditate no matter what and that it was far more important than writing this morning, so I pushed the keyboard back and sat in silence.  This is where I find many things, and one of them is simply PEACE.  Sometimes, that's hard to come by, but this morning, it just happened.

When my meditation period just naturally felt like it was over, I knew I was going to be running late to work -- I had been sitting there for a minimum of twenty minutes or so and was therefore prepared to continue my rushing morning, throwing on my shoes and racing out the door.

But I had time to spare.  Time had actually seemed to STOP or slow down, rather than speed on ahead, and I was able to process many thoughts in very little time for some reason.  What had felt like twenty or thirty minutes was much less than that.  I had enough time, in fact, to write this very blog, right up to the minute that I have to leave in order to get coffee and still show up on time at work.  It's amazing.  I love meditation.  I'm still tired, but I have a feeling of calmness that wasn't there previously, AND I still got my blog spot done.  Short, messy blog -- but my Daily Life blog nonetheless.

Have any of you ever experience this kind of "time shift" with meditation before?

I hope you all have a fabulous day!




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