Keep It Simple Silly

Love is the reason for the season

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

So I had a few ideas for this week’s blog, but nothing special. Then a friend excitedly reminded me that I get to be the one to post on Valentine’s Day. “Oh yeah!” I thought. This is a fabulous opportunity.

Valentine’s Day is “supposed” to be a love struck day spent with your true love being romantic with flowers, candies and all that. For some it is that, for others a glaring reminder of how single you are. For me this year Valentine’s Day has a new meaning- one that goes back to the basics- love. I read in a book once that love isn’t necessarily a feeling between two people, but simply a state of being. It feels so good to show love to anything or anyone. I think when we are in that state we emanate love whether we mean to or not. And the more we do, the more we want to. It feels so good to make others feel good. It’s a glorious state of being. I am learning how to live in this state because I am currently involved in a 30-day love challenge. My friend started a page on Facebook called “My Coloring Book Called Life” which is full of love and light and available for anyone to be a part of. This page is doing the love challenge for the month of February where we are to find some way to show love to ourselves or others every day and then share it on the page. This challenge is changing my perspective. I get up, remember the challenge, then I am immediately on the lookout for love. It gets me in that mindset and it is actually quite invigorating. I am constantly thinking, “Who can I make happy next?” We all know how awesome it is to be the bringer of positivity. It’s a mindset, like having an attitude of gratitude. We can go throughout the day being focused on what we are grateful for and find many. It’s a great way to live really. My hope is this challenge will creep its way into my mind and permanently implant itself there. If I could live with love on the brain every day, oh how much more joyous my life would be!

“What does this have to do with recovery?” you might ask. Couple things. First of all, my using days were full of darkness and dismay. It was truly awful. Love was the last thing on my mind as I lived to feed my disease. All of us would prey off each other trying to get what we wanted to try to fill our never ending desires. Also, recovery for me isn’t just about not drinking and using, it’s about living a satisfactory life. Showing love and kindness to others gives me satisfaction and happiness.

So no matter where you are or what you are doing this Valentine’s Day, pause and search for a way to show some love. Let’s honor the reason for the season and let Valentine’s Day live up to its name.

Love you all!