Keep It Simple Silly

Love Is Always The Answer

By Adrienne

Love is always the answer.

 “The answer to what?” you might ask.


Love is the answer to everything.

I have mentioned in past blogs that things always-if put in God’s hands-works out way different but better than imagined. When faced with a problem, I will consider several solutions. Then I will stress myself out over what to do, how to do it, when and why. I’ve noticed though, if I don’t force solutions but proceed by doing the next right thing, with love, God gently guides me to the solution I never would have considered but ends up being the best solution possible. One experience in particular comes to mind when I think of this topic.

I was entering a hotel one day to attend an AA convention. It was the beginning of the day and my friend and I were excited to see all the things going on at this conference. They are always tons of fun. However, as we were going in I started to feel nauseous. My stomach hurt pretty bad. I was disappointed because here I was at this wonderful event unable to fully enjoy it because I was sick to my stomach. I tossed up a little prayer asking God to help my tummy feel better. I felt like I shouldn’t pray for such a selfish and minor thing, but I gave it a shot. Right then I walked into the doors and I hear someone yelling my name from across the room. I glanced over and cursed under my breath. The guy who was calling be was a great guy, but he’s not my favorite and someone who just always got on my nerves. He was probably the last person I wanted to visit with at the moment. Right then I had a choice. I could have waved and quickly turned the other way but thankfully I chose love. God spoke to me and told me, “Oh come on Adrienne, he really wants to see you and it will take 2 minutes out of your life.” So I put on my best smile and trudged right on over. “I’ll make this quick,” I thought. I gave him a hug, asked how he was, etc…  Then he offered me the rest of the sandwich he was eating. I didn’t really want it, but I accepted anyway. So I ate the sandwich, said my pleasantries and continued on my way. Suddenly I noticed I felt better. My stomachache had completely vanished! That little bit of food was exactly what I needed. Had I blown that man off, I would have not eaten and felt sick to my stomach all morning, trying to remedy it with soda, coffee or medicine. I never thought eating would help me!  I think I know the answer to my problems, but it seems as though I am really clueless. God answered my prayer for my sick tummy but not the way I would have done it. God put the answer to my prayer right there with that old man. I prayed then did the next right thing, which at that moment was to go show that guy some love, not blow him off like was my first instinct. It wasn’t hard and it did not inconvenience me one bit. I chose love that day and it made a world of difference, not only for me, but probably for him as well.

As I write this, the story turns even more impactful as I remember that crazy old man died this last year. It is such a good thought to know that one of-if not the-last times I saw him it was an encounter of love.

I have had this concept reinforced many times throughout my recovery. Heck, it has been reinforced my whole life now that I think about it, I just never really noticed it before now. If I am ever unsure of what to do, I proceed with love (most times anyway). When I do God makes sure it all works out. Maybe that’s why they say God is Love.