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Living Out Loud


Living Out Loud

By abbiegrrl

...What exactly does that look like? I suppose many would say it's "being your best self" or "doing what makes you happy". That could be so.

I think of it as less about me, though.

Society seems to have sprinted into the depths of selfish/self-centeredness, where EVERYTHING is about "me".

In active addiction, I didn't know anything other than thinking of myself; as far as I could tell, there were exactly ZERO people who were interested in what was best for me. As it turns out, everyone I associated with was in the same place: living at 111 ISELFME Ave.

Once I'd begun working a Program of Recovery, I started to see things differently. Now I was interacting daily with folks who were NOT all about themselves. They asked how I was, and LISTENED when I told them, truthfully.

When I was drinking and drugging, LOUD was the norm. I liked things that way so I wasn't left alone with my thoughts, my regrets. In fact, I would have told you I was Living Out Loud, then.

Today, when I think of Living Out Loud, my thoughts are turned to the One Who gave me life, and what I can do for Him. See, I am a walking miracle, for more reasons than I could tell you. I say He gave me life, but the fact is, He's given me a second chance at life.

Sometimes people talk about "if I had it to do all over again..." and when I surrendered to the reality of my living g situation, I began to do life in an entirely different way from before.

After practicing the principles of Recovery in all of my affairs for a few thousand 24's, my Living Out Loud must be a direct response to the life I've received. My wildest dreams could never have begun to compare to the gifts of Recovery.

When I share what I've been given by those who were waiting for me when I crawled through the doors, that's Living Out Loud, to me. Making my life count. 

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