Keep It Simple Silly

Let us be with You

“Please God let us be with you on this journey.” That was a prayer muttered by my friend during our last road trip. Hmmm… let us be with you? Don’t we usually ask God to be with us? That’s what I usually ask for anyway.

So that prayer got me thinking. Maybe that’s what we should be asking. After all, isn’t one of our main goals in recovery to be in alignment with God, with His will? We’re always asking for Thy will to be done, or the knowledge of His will. Heck, one of the 12 steps in Alcoholics Anonymous is revolved around aligning ourselves with His will. So how dare I ask for Him to come to me when I am the one who has wandered astray?

I’ve learned when praying to be specific in what I need or want because I believe our prayers are always answered one way or another. So I’m thinking maybe I will start asking for His help with me joining Him rather than He be with me.

How do we align ourselves with God’s will anyway? It’s the age old question that unfortunately has no easy answer. I have experienced it and I know what it looks like when I am in alignment and when I am not. I think that each situation is different and everyone’s relationship with God is different so no one can tell you exactly how to let go and let God. The truth is, I cannot tell anyone how to do it anymore than someone could have told me. My experience is that I had to practice and work the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to understand what it looked like when I was or wasn’t living in God’s will. These miracles (usually) don’t happen overnight and they are something we alcoholics get to practice on a daily basis. How wonderful is this journey in recovery! I get to learn and grow all the time. It never gets old. I hope you find that to be true as well. Recovery certainly is the gift that keeps on giving.