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KISS Update

By: DL

I am writing a quick little blog here because the author of Keep It Simple Silly got home very late from her trip, so she's not going to be posting for today.  It's okay, she's back and safe, and that's what matters.  Maybe she'll update her faithful readers with how well her trip went -- never know what she'll come up with, but it's sure to be good.

Therefore, I guess you guys are stuck with me today -- or, maybe I should stop putting a negative spin on things.  I've been doing that a lot lately, for some reason.  Hmm.  In light of that, I'm going to do a trick here that ZJ had me do quite some time back when I first began Drunkless.  I had made mention of a gratitude list at the time, even typed one out, but there was something... oh, let's say "dark" hanging overhead.  This didn't go well with her, and ZJ being ZJ, and in ZJ style, she left a comment stating something quite politely-direct, like: "Why don't you try saying get to instead of have to, or grateful for rather than I have."  In light of that lesson, Abbie's first Saturday Morning Post (based on gratitude), Adrienne's late return home, and me simply having a great evening test-podcasting with Mr. Perza, I'm going to create a positive gratitude list (I know, almost sounds redundant, doesn't it?).  A short one, but something to Keep It Simple Silly.

  1. I woke up this morning. Yep. Sucked in more oxygen, sat up, meditated (briefly, as I was running late), showered, and then
  2. headed to a good job in
  3. my truck which now runs because
  4. I decided to remove myself from a depressing moment at the time and do something to fix it and
  5. get out of my head.  It felt good knowing that I, a non-mechanic, fixed something with my own two hands. I made myself more mobile. (no gloating here, but... okay, I'm gloating)
  6. I am creating two new web pages for our site, and in doing so, I recalled all the wonderful people that have helped me along the way -- I truly appreciate each and every one of them.
  7. I helped a friend start up a podcast (practice mode -- unless it turned out good!). I'm super stoked to see where he goes with it!

Okay, I'm sleepy, so that's all you're getting for tonight(/today), I've got to get to bed. But I think I met Adrienne's standard of keeping it simple, and ZJ's standard of keeping it positive.

What do you think?