Daily Life

Just for Today: Dream, then Step

By: DL

It was a hard thing for me to understand, "24 hours more," "Just for today," "One day at a time." These, it seemed, were no-brainers. Of course it was only going to be one day at a time. I couldn't cram a week into one day, it would be impossible -- I knew that to be true, because I'd tried so many times before.

It took me meditation and a couple of years before I finally realized what everyone was trying to tell me: Live in this moment.

I spend a lot of moments working on this project (and all the sub-projects that go along with it). A lot. I've been told before that I "dream too big" or "too far out" or that I've got "a lot of dreams, too many." It's a dream, is it possible to have too many?  Besides, how's the Universe know what to provide for you if it doesn't know what you want?

I've always replied to comments like that with, "It's a plan, a place where I'd like to be. I have many roads for any number of different dreams, and with every decision I make, surely one of them will come to fruition -- but only if I've dreamt the path into possibility and then decide to take that first step."

But I will admit, I sometimes begin to get worried about the plans I have. Will the road be too rough to follow? Will I be able to trudge along through the hot, dry stretches or climb the rough, broken roads? Am I just wasting my time?

"Breath in, 'I have arrived,' ... breath out, 'I am home.'" I could practically hear Thich Nhat Hanh's voice (as I imagined it) as I inhaled and recalled the passage from his book, Fear.  I know that things will be okay.  I know that I need to focus only on this moment, where I inhale the oxygen for my body to absorb and exhale in release. And then, I can take my next step.

With the acceptance that this will not go exactly how I planned (at least not most of the time), I know that it won't happen at all if I don't just pick up my foot, move it forward, and do it. I have to at least attempt to walk this road, because if I don't -- well, then it is truly just a dream.

I don't just dream. I do. And every time, I learn something, whether or not that was my initial intention.

After all -- that's exactly how I sobered up and began to recover.