Saturday Morning Post

It's Saturday and you're loved.

by: abbiegrrl

Here it is Friday night already and I have just almost neglected you!! Please forgive me. It's been kind of a long week. I'm in the process of sending out my resume and going to interviews. I just hate the "thanks but no thanks" rejection letters. I know my Higher Power has something better in store for me.

Saturday Morning Gratitude:

  1. I have the ability to present my skills and stuff to potential employers.
  2. I can take the hits without allowing the IBSC to keep bringing them up to me. (Just keep swimming!)
  3. My family is taken care of. We haven't missed a meal yet.
  4. I have a job. Period.
  5. My trust is in God. And He is faithful.

I've got to get some shut-eye. Thanks for stopping by! What are you grateful for, this week? Please leave your thoughts below!

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