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If you're going to, then...

By: DL

If you're going to, then...

My younger brother was over the other day, and we were working on some pamphlets for his business.  As we strummed through some of his pictures and sample documents, he came across something he'd written down a while back.

Now, let me make a quick statement here -- my younger brother has a knack for saying/writing what needs to be heard/read with the most perfect timing.  It's pretty impressive, he just pulls this stuff out of his hat, and puts it in front of people.

Well -- this wasn't one of those times...

... but I was glad he showed this to me...

... because I've thought about this many times since then, not only in terms of the Drunkless endeavor, but mostly in terms of my sobriety.

I don't think that there is much I can add to this, as what he wrote simply says it all.  This can be used for many things in life, from businesses, to personal growth, to recovery -- it fits.

And after this last week, I needed this reminder on every level.  From the very person that was sick, to the people in their life, to the things I'd done/not done, both in and out of my own recovery.

Like I said -- he's got a knack for saying/writing what needs to be heard/read with the most perfect timing.  If I hadn't seen it that night we worked on the pamphlets, I wouldn't have had it to carry with me, as a snapshot in my phone.

To my brother:
Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
I'm going to share this tidbit with my readers now.  And knowing you, you'll be okay with it, because that's what you do -- share your own experience, strength, and hope in a way that's all your own.  Never stop doing that, little brother -- you're very big by your own right.  
Now -- since I'm going to ... then I will!



PS - Due to my very rough week, I am opting for a very short blog this time.  And thanks to my brother, I can let his pen do the talking this time around.  His seems to be more point on anyway, on many levels.

Take it as you wish -- as for me -- I'm taking his advice.

Good night.