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WAKE UP! And welcome back!

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Grateful Rest — or, is that “rest”?


Welcome to Drunkless, 2019! I had hoped to spring a big blog-party upon waking up Drunkless from our hibernation, but alas, it just didn’t happen. I was sooooo busy with the recovery convention that was happening in my neck of the woods! What a huge success that was!

It’s crazy how a group of folks who had little-to-no experience in this kind of thing just came together and grew. We had disagreements, arguements, tears, and anger — but we also had ideas, goals, laughter, and joy. I don’t know how many of us decided on numerous occasions to call it quits, yet we stuck it out almost every time, right up to the end. I can’t tell you how many people we actually reached. I couldn’t tell you everyone that it actually touched, or brought hope to when they thought there was none. All I can tell you is that it affected each one of us on the committee in ways that are immeasureable.

It was also a LOT of work. And it was glorious. Imagine that. Sweat and lack of sleep, frustration and hunger, disagreements and arguments, tears and a few (a lot of) curse words… and yet, in the end, a group of people who cried not only tears of releif, but tears of joy, sadness, and hope. People who grew so much closer together, who have learned to draw boundaries deeper, who moved or eliminated boundaries all together, who aren’t afraid to use the words “I love you” to each other.

While I know that this convention was geared towards assisting those who were suffering and desperately needed to find something to believe in and hope for, it also helped those who were in service of it. I know this to be entirely true, because I witnessed it happend with everyone single one of the members on staff, myself included. This would have never happened for myself had I not let Drunkless hibernate and rest. It is because of this very act that we now get to watch Drunkless emerge from it’s cacoon, with new tools, new spiritual health, and more peace.

What a necessary process for me. What a needed slug in the arm. From gaining humility, to realizing my shortcomings, I found a lot in me that needed to change with myself before Drunkless could begin to grow again. Some of it was rather uncomfortable — even a bit painful — but I learned from it. All of us on the Host Committee did. I forged new friendships, strengthened old ones, and learned about things I didn’t now I needed to learn about. My trust and faith in Life and the Universal Creator (aka: God) has been strengthend. I’m grateful for that opportunity.

Bear with us as we emerge from this cocoon — we not only have fresh ideas, but likely a new blogger, new podcasts, and a couple of other ideas we’ve come up with! But we’ve also got about eight more months of work with a European group of young folks in recovery. The Fire is on, my friends — the word continues to spread: There is indeed good reason to Hope for Life in Recovery — I’ve witnessed it. Aho.