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Good Morning! Are You Spiritually Balanced?



Tami Harper Winn wanted me to let you all know that she is doing well!  She's been unable to write the last couple of weeks and asked me to let her faithful readers know that she's still around!  She appreciates all of you and wants to make sure you know she's okay! She's a busy lady these days, and as we all know, Drunkless honors personal care!  Recovery, Higher Power, self, and family -- these are values we've discussed before.  If she misses a blog or two, so be it.  We're more than happy that she's taking care of the necessities in her life.

It boils down to spiritual balance!  A tough thing to do, I should know, I struggle with it all the time!  But as long as I'm working it, it is possible.  Quite a while back I was at a Native American 12-step meeting called White Bison -- which incidentally is the group that got me to rethink steps 2 and 3, but that's blog for my Daily Life spot, so I'll just get to my point here -- during the course, it was explained to me that spiritual balance doesn't mean we always stay "on the red road," it means we're coming back to it.

We will wander.  We will have days that are off, or something over here or over there will peak our interest.  We will wander, there's no question of that -- but will we come back?

If we are spiritually fit, we will.  We'll head back to the path from whence we came.  When we have become spiritually fit, we'll recognize that we're out of place.

Tami once explained to me that we could tell how spiritually fit we are by one simple observation/task: When we leave a grocery store with a cart full of groceries, are we going to leave the cart in the parking lot, put it in the return rack, or take it back in?

I love that.  It's obviously not the only way to determine our spiritual health, but it is a surefire way to get us to think about it! And honestly -- I think about it nearly every time I come out of the grocery store with a cart or a basket!

It's important to take care of our day-in-day-out business, and more importantly, it's important to keep heading back to the red road, which is apparently what Tami is doing -- balancing.

Huh.  Maybe she left a few carts out and she's returning them now... perhaps.
But the real question is: How about you?



NOTE: For clarification, "wandering" or "coming back" does not mean "going out" or relapsing. I'm referring to when we have our bad days; i.e. maybe we cut someone off in traffic and then flip them off as if it were their fault; or perhaps cussing out our boss for holding a meeting we don't want to attend (what?... what?!...).  The "coming back" is 1) recognizing my part... where I was incorrect in my behavior, and 2) correcting it in whatever way it is necessary.  I realize this may seem obvious, but for those that don't have a solution like we in recovery do -- it may not be.  ;)