Gambling is my Kryptonite

Gambling is my Kryptonite

By Steve Anonymous

I cannot say this is my own analogy but I first heard it at a GA meeting in Nottingham and I have used it a number of times since as it is so true!

I am Superman and Gambling is like my Kryptonite,  the closer I get to gambling (as a compulsive gambler), the weaker I become as I am powerless. Just like the closer Superman gets to Kryptonite his super powers fade and he becomes weak and vulnerable.

This is a simple concept but a very effective barrier to put in place. I have to stay as far away from gambling activities as I possibly can as if I get too close I could end up being sucked back in by the addiction and unable to stop myself. 

In practical terms how do I do this as gambling is prevalent in today's society and in your face 24/7? I have to accept I cannot change this but there are changes I can make to help me keep as far away from today's gambling culture.

  • I don't frequent gambling establishments
  • I have blocking software in my laptop.
  • If gambling adverts are on TV or Radio I switch it over
  • I don't watch horse racing / poker etc on TV
  • I don't look at football fixtures or horse racing odds/results
  • I steer clear of gambling conversations at work
  • My closest friends (who gamble) know about my problem so tend not to talk to me about bets they have put on.

This has worked for me for the last  888 days and just for today I will keep to these principles and do things the GA way. As if I don't and I leave the door slightly open I can soon be sucked back into the misery and left powerless by this deadly addiction.

 These actions are not rocket science but you have to take some personal responsibility for your recovery and take positive steps to distance yourself and change your routines rather than making excuses and blaming others.