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Friends in More Places

Friends in More Places


What a great day today.  Really.  It was a beautiful, sunny day. Work went pretty smooth (and quick -- that's always a plus), and I ate veggies like a champ throughout the day.  I did miss out on two, one mile walks, but I've walked roughly five-plus miles with a good friend of mine since last Wednesday evening.  I've got a healthy plan in place, two challenges comining up soon, a convention that I get to give my testimony at, and... and good friends.


Before leaving work today, I had a friend call me and ask me for a ride home.  It wasn't much out of my way to drop her off at her house, and when I went and picked her up, we laughed (not that unusual with this gal, we're just like two siblings somehow).  After I dropped her off, I started heading home, and when I'd nearly arrived, I remembered that I had planned on going to a meeting but had forgotton.  By the time I'd realized this, the meeting had already begun so I would miss over half of it by the time I showed up... but I was suppoed to meet another friend over there, and this began to really get to me.

So I headed home, frustrated.  I don't want my day to end like this, but my head already began to spin... 

I wrecked my diet for the day.

I got depressed.

I began watching a show on Netflix, with every plan on just sinking, but...


With a POUND! POUND! POUND! on my door I jumped.  "Who the hell?" I thought as I strolled to the door.  I flung it open none-to-kind, and found another friend staring at me in the eyes.

"You wanna go to a meeting?" she asked.

"Uh... well, uh... "

"You don't have to." she reminded me.

"Uh... no, I will.  I need one."

This is what I mean.  I have friendS.  Plural.  Not singular, PLURAL.

We go to this meeting that I'd never been to before, and lo and behold...

One, two, three... four.  Plus the one that brought me, PLUS faces that I recognized but never officially met, PLUS people that didn't know me, but welcomed me.

I'm honored that I get to know so many people in my life, and some who will just swing by to see how I was doing, and even sit with me after the meeting and chat for an hour... 

I appreciate them, the many friends I have.  Those that I can text, those that go on walks with me, those that swing by for no real reason, or invite me to easter, or christmas, or family bbqs or share ideas for new meetings, or new ideas for old meetings, or simply take me to meetings.

I have more friends in more places than I new firends, and places, could exist.

I just had to throw that out there, because I realized it today... again.  How awesome is that?

Thank you, my friends. I love you.