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Four Years - TODAY

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Four Years - TODAY



Due to a special event today, Tami Harper Winn's typical Thursday post will come out tomorrow (this Friday, 9/22) instead of on her regular Thursday schedule. Thank you, Tami, for allowing me to steal the thunder on my Sobriety Birthday! I love you lots! :)

It's been a long drive, it seems.  Four years.  I'm sitting here, on my bed, last-minute style, putting on my finishing touches to the above graphic.  Every year since year-two I began creating sobriety logos, I just do it by how it feels at the moment I start creating it.  Last year, it was just a clean, simple number 3.  I liked it.  That's what I was trying to do year three I think - keep it simple and clean cut.  Eh, I don't know that I accomplished either the simple or clean cut parts, but I did accomplish the three years...

And now the four.

I can't believe I'm four years old in sobriety.  When I first started, and I hit year one, it didn't mean anything to me.  I was still in a fog and unsure that I would actually make it, so year one was just another day where I struggled to survive.  But by year two, it became a reality.

It's been with the help of many, many people in my life that I've made it this far.  I've not done this alone.  With my ever-changing-concept of my HP, to my family, to my friends, and all the groups I attend, from counseling, to AA, to recovery center meetings, to individual meetups and even some co-workers, without them and their support, I would have failed.

But I'm not without them.  So I've succeeded thus far.

As I stated yesterday in my Today, In History post, I am as susceptible as the next person to fall off and go back out, with only two exceptions: 1) I want this sobriety so bad that I work at it on a daily basis, all day long, to live in recovery.  And 2) I have support.  All kinds of support.  I have no excuse.  And it's because of all my support, my HP included, that I have made it thus far.  I am constantly amazed by the people I've met, people I've watched grow, and those I've grown closest to. I love all of my family, from blood-line to given - I'm a blessed man.  None of this would have mattered if I was still in my addiction, or more realistically, if I had been dead.

So today, I happily celebrate my four year D.O.S. with great joy and rightful-pride (not boastful or arrogant), and I give credit to all those that have been here with me - and to me for not giving up.

It is a possiblity to do this! It is also some simple, hard work.  But it's work that has been worth it, so I just keep coming back.  Twenty-four more hours, and I'll have one more day, and that starts in two minutes.

Good night, my friends...