How can you fight against complacency?

By Steve Anonymous

Complacency is a big part of my recovery story and that's why I'm battling against it during my second recovery. Initially I attended GA meetings for 5 years and was successful at abstaining from gambling. But as my life got better and I started a family my focus on attending my meetings faded and as time went one my addiction would tell me I was ok now and that i didn't need GA anymore.

This worked for me for a couple of years but slowly the barriers I had put in place began to disintegrate and I had time, opportunity and money and soon I was back into my old ways. Gambling in secret, robbing time from my 2 young children but the gambling took over me again. I know what I was doing was wrong but I could not stop. Even if I won I could not tell me wife so I just wanted to lose all the money again as quick as possible - INSANE!!!

Lucky for me I got found out by my wife and I'm over two years into my second stint at recovery now but I'm trying to think of ways of keeping my recovery fresh. 

In the past 12 months I have done this my going to new meetings, starting my blog and chairing the recent open meeting. So for my 3rd year in recovery I need to do more/something different. I have a few thoughts so thought I would share them with you as it might help others in a similar position.

  • Trying more new GA meetings across the country
  • Attending regional GA meetings and maybe the AGM
  • Taking on a role at one of my GA meetings - maybe treasurer or secretary 
  • Sponsor new members
  • Work the 12 steps program more seriously.

If I can work at the above list this year I'm sure I will be far away from being complacent. I want to revisit this list in 6 months and see how many I have ticked off. 
Recovery from addiction doesn't just happen you have to put a lot of hard work in. You have to regularly take stock of where your life and recovery is heading and think about how to make improvements. 
Complacency has bitten me once before but hopefully I have learned from that mistake and can keep my recovery fresh with the help of my family, friends and the fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous.

1 Day at a time