Everything I always wanted...

Everything I always wanted...

By Steve Anonymous

Although I like to reflect on my past experiences I also like to have things to look forward to in my recovery journey.

When I was gambling i may have dreamt of winning enough money to pay for a holiday in Florida amongst other things. Obviously when I did win anything significant I never spent it on anything productive and some would go towards paying debts, but the majority would end up back online trying to repeat the success.

Now I am gamble free and my wife has control of the finances my financial situation has never been better and I have all the things I ever wanted when I was gambling (apart from a new car, but I am working on that). Not having the stress of keeping my gambling and finances a secret is also a massive positive towards my wellbeing and mental state.

In the early days of stopping gambling in can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but things can get better very quickly for some and they definitely did for me. I have said many times you get a 100% pay rise when you stop gambling and I am very lucky to earn a good living.

I now get a buzz from spending my hard earned money on normal things like holidays, days/nights out, clothes etc. I am fortunate to be in this position thanks to Gamblers Anonymous and I now have a fantastic family holiday to look forward to in a couple of weeks. Watch out Mickey, Donald and Goofy I'm coming to high five you!

If was still gambling I would not be doing this and I would be lucky to be going to somewhere in the Uk on holiday nevermind Florida.

So although I am counting away the days from my last gamble (currently 881 days) I now have something positive to count down to! My wife is partly to blame for this as she has a obsession for booking holidays and weekends away but I guess that is not a bad thing compared to the things I've done.....

Oh yeah - the new car, well had some good news at work this week with regards getting a bonus and a pay rise so looks like I will be getting that new car I've been after for the last 5 years! Again the extra cash is going to be spent on something tangible rather than being frittered away gambling and that is a satisfying feeling.

So things are going well at the moment and it's everything I've always wanted but I'm also aware that I always need to be on my guard and the next bet could just be around the corner. That's why I'm keeping up my routine of two GA meetings a week as it's working for me.

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