Lift Your Spirit


If you’ve ever attended a 12 step meeting you’ve probably heard someone warn about complacency in recovery.

It is a serious issue that is not to be taken lightly.

Anytime I have known someone who relapsed after any significant time in recovery - including myself…..although if I had ever known any true recovery is highly debatable - they always say they got complacent and meetings started to become less and less frequent.

I find this to be quite peculiar, and let me explain based on my experience only.

My whole life has been one extreme or another – there has never been any attempt at moderation.

“Till the wheels fall off” or nothing at all were my two speeds.

However, when I was introduced to the rooms, I for TRIED to “moderate” my recovery.


I’ve never moderated anything in my past and now all of a sudden I was TRYING to moderate the one thing that I truly needed to be 100% invested in.

NOTE: If I use the word TRY it means I am giving myself permission to fail, which is why I make every effort to keep that word out of my vocabulary.

What I’m “trying” to emphasis is how complacency is a major “trick of the trade” for our disease of addiction/alcoholism/whatever you identify with.

I know I have the only disease that wants me dead…to be killed by my own doing.

Complacency in recovery for myself needs to be viewed as life and death.

Now….not to the extreme of complacency in recovery is the topic of complacency in fitness.

This means, failing to do all the little things that go into being truly fit.

This will mean different things to different people.

Active recovery and mobility are two huge areas that a lot of people fall short in, and that definitely includes myself.


Most people simply don’t like to stretch or perform mobility drills.

The foam roller is evil, right?

And isn’t stretching only for people doing those silly hot yoga classes?

Well not exactly…and failing to perform active recovery via mobility drills and stretching between our exercise sessions is a recipe for failure.

Case in point…myself.

Now, I KNOW I have terrible hip mobility, a very tight IT band (the tendinous and fascial band that runs down the outside of my thigh), and ridiculously short hamstrings (including the nerves).

I KNOW I need to be stretching, foam rolling, and working on loosening all those areas on a daily basis.

I also KNOW I have prior back problems from when I was a teenager which leaves me more susceptible to re-injury in my lumbar spine than most.

Yet I become the ultimate “I’ll just do it later” excuse maker when it comes to performing these all important maintenance measures.

As a result, at least once a year I re-injure my back via disc herniation in a pretty significant way, and I’m convinced most of those instances could have been avoided had I not gotten complacent with my stretching.

Sound like the definition of INSANITY to anyone?!?

The point is mobility work is my exact struggle area of complacency in fitness.

I have to be hyper-vigilant like I am when it comes to my recovery or I set myself up to fail - again not nearly as consequential, but I feel it’s an appropriate analogy.

As I said before, everyone has their own struggle areas.

For some it might be not performing a proper warm up prior to exercising.

For others it might be not preparing meals ahead of time and then eating fast food, not drinking enough water, etc.

I urge you to find your complacency area(s).

Once you do identify them, attack them with intensity and focus. 

Today, my fitness goal for 2017 (remember it’s a goal not a “resolution”) is to really improve my mobility.

This means I am not allowed to let my head hit my pillow until I stretch and foam roll.

I’ve found that watching TV late night is a great time for me to work on stretching and mobility.

What will your area of focus be on for this year?

Whatever it is, stay focused, and stay committed.