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Today is the day. Before it is over I will know the truth of my condition. As I sit and wait I am filled with many thoughts, most of them are hopeful and positive. I have found much peace in solitude and meditation this past week as I’ve reflected on my truths. Today, I am so grateful for so much.


As I wait, I realize you do too. So, I hope this offers comfort to you as well. I know it does me. Today I want to share with you a piece of my gratitude list. Enjoy.


Today I am so very truly blessed.


I am so grateful for the countless thoughts and prayers that have been given on my behalf over this last week and last few years.


I am so sincerely grateful for the ability to see the Big Dipper in the night sky as I say goodnight to my parents each night, and to see the vibrant colors in the flowers that attract the gorgeous butterflies near my home.


I am so blessed to have the ability to hear the laughter of my children and grandchildren as they enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


I am so ecstatic that I have been able to share my love with some pretty amazing men in my life and to have that love returned tenfold by so many others.


I have found the beauty in the glimmer of the dew on the grass, the taste of the salt of my tears, the air that fills my lungs, and the precious memories I can recall.


What I am most grateful for today is the ability to remain sober through yet another very challenging time in my life and to have a God big enough to handle this with me. I am grateful today that I have another solution to my problem and I rest knowing that no matter what, everything is going to be okay.


I hope this helps put the focus back where it needs to be - on all that is wonderful and right in the world. This is just a snippet of my gratitude list today, but its enough to keep me looking forward to another moment with you and with my life.


Until my pen finds the paper again, I wish you all much light and love on your journey. Don’t forget to tell someone today how much you appreciate them. Please share the love as each moment is counted and not promised. Be love.


~Tami Harper Winn~


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