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A worker among workers

by: abbiegrrl

This week has been one of waves of anxiety and intermittent gratitude. I accepted a position which will give me fulltime hours, and pay more per hour than the place I was working. I can't help but think of how different things are today... In the old days, I would push my boundaries with employers as far as I was able, and then quit - just before they fired me. That was my pattern. I rarely worked anywhere for more than a few months, cos, DUH it interfered with my drinking! Many many times I'd bring clothes and make-up to work if I was working later and put my face on in the restroom at work. Then my Partner in Crime would pick me up & I'd change into a mini skirt & heels while she drove us to the bar. I didn't show up for a shift as often as I did, and when the boss wanted to "talk to me in the office", that was my cue to leave.

This time, I gave my employers 2 week's notice, and they were SORRY to see me go!! I actually worked the entire 2 weeks, came in on time, and gave my best until my last clock-out.

It feels good to act like a Responsible Adult. I had NO comprehension of that prior to getting clean/sober.

Today, I'm grateful to be able to look my employer and co-workers in the eye. I'm grateful to have this job, and to not have burnt the bridge behind me.

I try to keep my perspective like this: I don't "have to go to work." I GET to go to work. Thank You God.

How have your work habits changed in recovery?

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