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And With Us, To Drink Is To Die

When the silence is ripped open by the words, “She’s dead”, somehow it feels like it can never be stitched back together again.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

Not-So-Good Roads: The Challenge to Say "No" to Unhealthy Behaviors Begins with a #YesFast

I will not allow myself to go down any not-so-good roads as Dr. Suess would say in his book, “Oh, The Places You'll Go”.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

A Look Back at 2017: A Year in the Life of a Recovered Alcoholic

This year ends with the closure of a very big part of my life and who I am is changing once again.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

Looks Like We Made It!

Then the doctor told me that in fact, one of my babies had held on and was still trying to be born.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

I WASN'T READY TO SAY GOODBYE: Tips to Help Those Experiencing Loss and for Those Who May Love Someone Experiencing Loss

Staring me in the eye is the glass ballerina ornament my daughter hung with such love only weeks before she was to leave. “What do you want from me", I asked the silly thing. Tear streaks staining my cheeks, “I wasn’t ready to say goodbye”.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

The ABC's and 123's of Grief in Sobriety (Retro Blog)

I am in recovery, and if I don't get a handle on this, I may very well find myself grieving over the loss of my sobriety. So, I'm going back to basics. I'm going back to The ABC's and 123's of Grief in Sobriety. 

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

A Thanksgiving Miracle

“The only problem I have is that you are still breathing" ...To say he hated me was an understatement.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

I'm a Grateful Recovered Alcoholic Named Tami

Many of you will be feeling the sting of the holiday season as you read this.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

Veteran's of War (Revisited)

Before the turn I can clearly see my street lined with police officers, paramedic crews, and news reporters – most of them centered around my home.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

Hammock Time - Therapy 101

Sitting in the hammock cross-legged below me near the river bank he asks me, “What do you think you are most afraid of?”

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets


As the plane disappears into the blue of the afternoon sky I think to myself, “WHAT THE GEEZ DID I JUST DO?”

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

Powerless: Defining It One Loop At A Time

So, maybe life is like the rollercoaster at Disneyland.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

Shots in Vegas

That night my classmates shared shots in Vegas – none of us aware of what would happen in less than 24 hours.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

The Crowned Royal Revisited

Fast forward seven years later…no Prince Charming on some dumb ole white horse ever stole that bad ass princess off that bar stool to save her from her own worst judgment.

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I Found God Through My Atheist Sponsor

I’m sure each of us has at one point or another questioned how we landed in each others lives or how it has managed to work so effectively for this long.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

When the Bottle is Empty: Finding Your Identity When the Last Drop is Gone

I sometimes feel like I’m searching for Waldo in the “Where’s Waldo” series

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

You're Gonna Miss This

I often remember wondering who I would be and what life would look like if I ever stopped drinking.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets


A recent call to action...has called upon what I have learned in my recovery – to show others what “integrity in action” looks like.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

If I Could Turn Back Time

There is something deeper than I can understand going on here and my weak human mind cannot grasp the smallest piece of what is at work here.

Life Story, Sobriety Secrets

The New Olympic Sport: Confronting and Walking Through "Worst-Case Scenarios"

I’m assured by my coaches that my training will be brutal. I have to keep my eye on the gold medal.