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Molehills and Mountains

By: DL

I looked down at the valley below me.  I had made it.  I made it to the top of this damn mountain!  All the struggles I’d gone through seemed to be “eh, so-so” problems now.  Why had I thought that it would be so tough?

As I stood there, looking down, I realized that I can do anything.  Anything I put my mind to.  As my eyes stretched ever further down my path, I could see each and every mountain I had to climb to get to where I was at.  Each one had grown smaller and smaller on my journey, shrinking down to the size of a molehill; and the beast was nothing more than an ant by now. With a great big sigh, I closed my eyes to absorb the sunlight now shining upon my body.  I was no longer in the shadows, I was in the light.

Or – maybe I’d just grown.

I pondered this thought.  I mean, after all, had I not just come a long way from where I’d been?  Had I not just overcome the many mountains I traveled on my road to recovery? Nay – CONQUERED them!  All the perils and fears and feelings of worthlessness and loss.  Loss of hopes and dreams, chased by the very beast that hounded me and haunted me day after day, night after night; and yet I stand atop of it all, a victor in my own right.

I was unstoppable when I simply made up my mind and became determined to do it, I just had to take that first step; do the next, best indicated thing.

Opening my eyes and looking back upon my path, I had to acknowledge the distance I’d come.  I had no choice but to see it, it was simply there and knew I had escaped the incessant trailing of the beast.  I had completed the task.  I had to learn how to climb many mountains, but I did it.  And better yet – it became instinct.  I realized that I’d grown stronger with each passing peak, and where I stood was proof.

I. Am. A. Force. To. Be. Reckoned. With.




I can, and will, do this thing.

My chest swelled and I inhaled the fresh, mountain air, and slowly, I rotated to see my path, which must certainly lay below…

… but ...

... there was no below, except for where I stood.  Directly ahead of me lay this gigantic mountain, from which I stood at the base.  My heart sank.  I could suddenly feel the beast closing in, leading my demon right back to me.  Had I not come far enough to escape this damn monster?  What’s next?  What do I have to do to keep them off my back?!

But I knew the answer.  It lay peacefully in front of me.  One last glance at the path behind me, just to realize from where I'd come, and I realized that the mountain I had just conquered was no longer a mountain, but a molehill.  I had indeed grown.

And so had the demon and its beast, growing ever stronger regardless of my presence.  My heart began to pound, and fear began to press on my shoulders once again. I'd been here before. But this time, I knew what to do.

With a down-to-earth sigh, I gathered up courage from within, picked up my foot, and moved it slightly ahead.  After all, isn’t the next, best indicated thing to do is to simply start, and move forward?

Challenged by mountains, taught by molehills; experience has taught me to follow the path which leads to the light.  And so the lessons continue...




Be Positive. Be Compassionate. Be Love. Be Spiritual. Be Life. Just BE.

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