Daily Life

Choice Decisions

By: DL

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's true, that we are what we decide.  Not only are we shaped by the very things that we say to ourselves, both internally and externally, but by the very things that we decide to do... or not do.

Decisions. I make them everyday, but only a few are as important as the one I make first thing in the morning, and that's to not drink.  Once I've made that choice, I recognize that I cannot comply with that decision unless I have help. So equally as important, I make contact with my Higher Power as soon as I sit up.

Those two choices will help guide me through my day, create my destination, and guide me to being the person I am destined to be. And with more decisions throughout the day, I will find myself back at my bedside, happy that I had made most of them; thankful that I've found some serenity with the things I could not change; grateful I could find the courage to change the things I did; and appreciative of the wisdom I found to know the difference.

Today, because of the decisions I've made, I am on a journey to reach an unknown destination, a destination that I will shape through the choices I make and the lessons I'll learn; a destination that will surely be no where as bad as the one I came from.

Because I made a choice; the decision to not die.