Recovery Inspiration

The edge of the light


By: WC

Wrinkles mean you laughed, grey hair means you cared, and scars mean you lived!

                   Sharon Murphy

I love the quote above. So often I look at how I've aged & I get down on myself. When I look at the scars on my body from the years of drug use sometimes I feel shame. Suddenly something inspiring pops into my mind like the quote above and it reminds me that I've lived a full life and learned lots of lessons. Those lessons have so much value to me today. Through the course of my sobriety and the struggles that I've seen God has opened up my eyes and given me A New Perspective. I'll be the first to tell you sometimes I have to look pretty hard to see the light. But it's always there. It's never too late to live the life that you've always wanted. Be the person that you've always wanted to be. You have to have courage and determination to get there though. If you're reading this tonight and you're having a hard time remember have faith and put one foot in front of the other and do the next right thing no matter how hard it seems. I will leave you with a quote that I love and hold very dear to my heart. 

"When I have come to the edge of the light  and I am about to step into the darkness of the unknown  faith is knowing I should give him something solid to stand on  or I should be taught how to fly"    

          Until next time

                    W.C.  😉