Keep It Simple Silly

Phone List

By: AJ

Whenever someone is new in AA, we offer them a phone list. We write our phone numbers down for said newcomer to call if they feel like drinking, need a ride, or just simply want to chat. It's an important part of staying sober. We do this together. Having the help and support of those around is a key element of success in sobriety. Truth is, they don't get used enough. But when they are, they have the power to save lives. Here is my story of the first time I used one. (WARNING- shock and/or laughter may occur)

I was only a month or two sober. I was having a really hard day, on the phone with my sponsor and in meetings all throughout the day. I was just really struggling. I had just finished a midnight meeting. It was 1:30 am and I was still upset. I was crying and whining to my sponsor. It was late and she had to go, but she told me to get on the phone with someone and stay on the phone with them until I got home. I needed that at the time. So, being the good little sponsee I was, I sat in my car before heading home and got out my phone list. I didn't recognize one name on there. So I picked one at random. Nervous, scared and wanting nothing more than to pick up a drink, I placed the call. A lady answered. I told her who I was and why I was calling. 

Now what happened next was the last thing on earth I expected, and not at all typical.

She proceeded to yell at me for calling in the middle of the night, saying she would be more than happy to talk to me tomorrow at a more reasonable time. But not now, since she was in bed and had to work in the morning. I muttered a meager apology and quickly got off the phone. I sat there stunned. That wasn't supposed to happen! She was supposed to listen, sympathize and baby me. There I sat at 2am, in a parking lot totally bewildered. My first thought was to start crying and think about how bad I felt for myself. Instead, something totally unexpected happened. I started laughing. "What the heck just happened!?" I thought to myself. How bizarre was that? God obviously knew just what I needed at that moment. I was immediately shaken out of my pity party, and my whole attitude changed. I giggled one last time to myself as I put the car in drive and headed home. Needless to say, I stayed sober that night. 

Over the course of my recovery, I have made and received many calls from phone lists. I have had amazing experiences and life changing moments on the phone during a call. I even met one of my best friends when she called me while struggling.

Phone lists are free and can save your life, thanks Louise :), and who knows, they might just provide you with free entertainment.

I do it because it works.

I do it because I live a life of recovery.