Daily Life

Be at peace...

By: DL

As I sit here, attempting patience, I think about the many things I have to do. My mind begins to race, "I have to finish this, I'm behind on that..."

My Ego hounds me, "Get things in alignment, DL, and then things will be at peace! Hurry! Yesterday was a disaster and tomorrow will be a mess unless you get things aligned!"

I've been here before, I know the drill.

Feet planted solidly on the ground and palms flat in my lap, I close my eyes and breathe in "I have arrived," and breathe out "I am home." And again. And yet again...

My Spiritual self reminds me, " Be at peace, DL, and everything WILL align."

Soon, I can hear the clicking of keys on a counter, a man chatting on a phone, an air-driven wrench, a whistle of escaping air from a removed tire valve. I can smell the new-rubber scent as it fills my lungs. A laugh. A bang. And a...


"Sir? Sir!" a tap on my shoulder called, "your tire is fixed, no charge. Here are your keys. Have a nice day."

Needlessly surprised, I receive the keys he's offering to return.  A thank you, a warm wish for safe travels, and a smile...

Looks like I've got plenty of time to finish my daily chores after all.


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