Feature Friday, Guest Blog

Home Sweet Home

By: DW (Guest Blogger)

Creeping in step by step. Sleepless, drunken breath weighs heavy in the morning air. It was a habitual war zone between sin and moral decency that robbed me of a “home sweet home.”

The pollution of red Solo cups scattered in rivers between the poisoned bodies across my living room floor; a maze I was destined to face every Monday morning.

The comfort of my bed used up by heaping strangers. My brothers – my mother – unconscious from a struggle against a ping pong ball and a pyramid of poison.

Every innocent inch of that creaking duplex taken up by the “mistakes” of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

My drowsy body curled upon the surface of a single dining room chair; finding salvation in the inch of cushion that rested below me. My heart, praying the mercy of God would wake me in time for school

A scared nine-year-old girl closed her eyes once more to the surrender of the life she was provided.

~D.W.~ (Alateen)

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