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One Amongst Many

By: AJ

An old guy with lots of facial hair, a worn out leathery face and three missing teeth (two of them being his front) walks into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.

An annoying young girl who won't stop talking, is a total mess and has body odor lingering 10 ft in every direction walks into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A 30-something blonde with wavy highlighted hair, a gorgeous smile, shy eyes and the perfect shade of lip gloss walks into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Each one approaches you after the meeting and asks for a ride home after the meeting. Who do you say yes to? All? None? Why? No need to answer right now. Just think about it.

Honestly I would be driven nuts by the blabber mouth girl and weary of the motives of the hairy guy. The girl who appears to have it all together-right on sister! I wouldn't blink an eye engaging with her.

Or hey-here's another scenario: A flashy, beautiful woman walks in, dressed to the nines, confident and happy. There is no way her and I would be friends! She is way too good for me. She would never want to be seen with little ol' plain jane me. 

Suddenly in each one of these scenarios my sponsor's voice would pop in my head to gently remind me "You are one amongst many." Oh yeah. I seem to forget that sometimes.

When it comes to the rooms of AA, there are people of all shapes, sizes and stories from all across the board. Our primary purpose isn't to make friends or to socialize, although that almost always happens. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. I need reminded of that from time to time. We are survivors of a shipwreck, people that would generally not mix. I am no better or less than anyone in the rooms- or the whole world for that matter. We are all different, with different strengths and weaknesses but it doesn't put anyone above another. Coming together for this primary purpose is what keeps the rooms a safe and effective solution to a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind. Today I am a part of. I am one amongst many.

I do it because it works. 

I do it because I live a life of recovery.


Be Positive. Be Compassionate. Be Love. Be Spiritual. Be Life. Just BE.

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