Keep It Simple Silly

Positive Affirmations

By: AJ

All is well.

Every day and in every way I am getting better and better.

My mind is calm and my thoughts are under control. 

Chances are you've heard of the power of positive affirmations. "What's the big deal?", you might ask. "How does saying happy things in the mirror change my life?" Here's my input.

Our subconscious hears everything, categorizes it and stores it in our mind. Even if we don't realize we hear it, we do. Think about all those subliminal messages in advertising. It's a huge market. Scientists have studied this and know it to be true. Not only does our subconscious hear all, it believes all. So every time you make a mistake then blurt out "I'm so stupid," it is noted and stored. Those negative phrases build up and reiterate the belief some of us have of our unworthiness. That is why when I hear someone say something negative about themselves, I immediately prompt them to say two positive things. One to cancel the negative, and one to build up the good stuff. I have had many people try this and you would not believe A. how often I hear people talk bad about themselves and B. how hard it is for them to come up with positive things. I know it is even hard for me. It feels like we are bragging or boasting when we talk good about ourselves. That is too bad we live in a society where that seems to be frowned upon. So go ahead! Talk yourself up! You are awesome and you know it. 

A major challenge with this exercise I have encountered is to look myself in the mirror, right into my own eyes and tell myself good things. Try it. I dare you. It is not as easy as it seems. There is something very powerful when making eye contact. Sometimes when I am going through some sort of particular struggle, I will look at me straight in the eyes and tell me what I want to be told such as "It will all be OK" or "You are on the right path and doing so good, don't give up." I cannot describe or explain it, but it just feels so...dramatic. 

Like I said, our mind believes everything it hears. Chances are we hear lots of negative things throughout the day, so to counteract all that, a few positive words can't hurt. Even if you don't believe it, do it anyway! You might just be amazed.

I do it because it works.

I do it because I live a life of recovery.