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Quick Catchup, #3

By: DL

Well, I can't say that it started out as great this week as I'd hoped, but if the rest of the week follows how this evening went -- I can't wait to see where the week takes us!

It was a rather rough morning this morning.  I only got a few hours of sleep last night, so the day was hard to get through.  I had attempted to post my first podcast so there'd be something new and different for everyone this morning, but four takes and roughly five and a half hours later (learning to edit audio), I had to get to bed -- at three AM.  oi.  Podcast may have to wait until this weekend I'm afraid -- especially because I'm on call this week. (The dreaded on-call.)

I had considered working on the podcast tonight, but I was over at HW's house helping her with a project.  As most of you know, she's a trusted friend of mine, and she had an issue this morning that was quite a scare and had all of us concerned.  Her day went from bad, to worse -- but that's her story to tell, so I shall leave it at that.  What I can tell is that I had offered some help in the situation, and what was supposed to be a simple "setup and work" task became a huge project.

As I worked on this task-gone-project, AF, another very good friend of mine, came over and made dinner for everyone.  It was a wonderful gesture on AF's part, and it was fun watching her jokingly (and yet seriously) "boss" HW's family around.  "Go to the store and get [this and that]!  Hurry, food is almost done!" she exclaimed as she dumped raw hamburger into the frying pan.  The smiles flooded the rooms.

We had one of my favorite foods, tacos. Unfortunately for me, I simply wasn't hungry at the time, so I opted not to eat, even though I could have eaten a bunch of it.  I wish I had -- I ended up with a cold deli sandwich afterwards.  Blech.

As we sat there working/eating, we just visited... and cracked jokes... and laughed... and got distracted... told rattled off more nonsense jokes... and on and on we went.  How did I land such awesome people in my life?

I had a conversation the other night with AF and a new roommate of hers, and during the conversation, recovery and sobriety was brought up.  I explained that it was the treatment center that initially saved my life, but it is AA that is teaching me how to live life.  And behold, these superb people that I hung out with just tonight were ones that I met through AA.  I would have never seen that coming, not in a million years -- yet, here I am -- my favorite people are people that I met in The Rooms.


I'm tired.  I'd love to get into more details, but with only three hours of sleep pulling down on my eyelids, I'm going to have to call this blog a Quick Catchup, #3 (I'll update the title now).

If I had a point to this shallow blog, it would be this:
There is a life in Recovery.  There is a life in Sobriety.  And there is a life with Life.
If you are struggling through any of it, just hold onto the Hope that there is something beyond the misery, somewhere passed the ups and downs, and someone that will support you -- even when you are frustrated and ready to choke the breath out of everyone around you.

These people do exist. I know it for a fact. I've met some of them, and I experienced them again, just this evening.



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