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It has begun!

By: DL

Moving started at 9:30 this morning (Fri., 4/1), right after the walkthrough!   I brought a few things in, then headed to work.  Afterwards, I grabbed my bed and a few items from the old place, and I'm staying in my new home tonight.  It is SMALL, especially after getting some furniture inside!  But it will be cozy, I think.

No Internet access as of yet, that won't be available until mid-April, so I'll be phone-blogging for a little bit.  Oi.  But at least it can be done!

I think about where I am at now, and I realize that just over two-and-a-half years ago, I was trying to die.  I never once thought that I could recover to the point I am at now, it was an impossibility as far as I was concerned.

I'm grateful today for this opportunity to continue to grow; to realize that there is more to Life than simply Birth and Death; that the purpose we have is only discovered and fulfilled on a daily basis, revealed to us only in a way that our Higher Power (whatever/whoever/however it may be) can itself learn to demonstrate its love, compassion, care, and concerns -- through us, with us, for us, and in us.

I would have never known this without the first spark of hope which was given to me by a recovery center, and then an activities group, then the friends I've gained through the activities group, and then AA (and other 12-step programs) and those I met there, and all the recovery stones I have gathered on this wide path of Spirituality.

I am grateful today -- to be alive


I guess I should stop blogging and go get some chairs and cookwear.  I keep forgetting basic necessities.  Yikes.

It's gonna be a long night.



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