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Quick Catchup, #2 please

By: DL

Well, once again it is very late.  Worst part?  I have to be up to work in four hours.  Oi.  What a busy life I'm finding.

I wanted to leave my Nearly-Daily mark tonight/morning, so I thought that since people were wondering exactly what Drunkless.com is all about, I would briefly talk about it.  And believe me, it will be brief, I promise – especially because I need to get to bed!  Maybe I'll expound some other time, meanwhile...

Drunkless came about because I needed a release.  I have a hard time articulating verbally, especially in front of many people (which means me, and maybe two other people).  It was important for me to learn to open up, so I began writing, at the suggestion of my counselors,  via email.  Lots and lots of email.  This began the first release, which then poured over (anonymously) to Facebook.  From there, I developed Drunkless.com, simply as a project where I could keep myself busy and continue to release.

As I did this, my intent was simple:  If other alcoholics/addicts suffering could see another fellow sufferer, then maybe they could get some Hope; This man had a tough time during this portion of his recovery, and he made it – so maybe I can, too.

Hope.  Its what saved my life.  Without it, AA or any other 12-step program would have done me no good.  (Ironically, it is now AA and other 12-step programs that give me the hope to keep going!)

I wanted to make sure that people understood that real life happens in recovery; its not always pretty, often is quite painful, and can be confusing as all hell. HOWEVER; it is also a learning experience that has brought me many knew friends, some whom Ive actually begun to trust, as well as some unexpected joys that go right along with this new-fandangled thing called life.”  Such as actually enjoying waking up in the morning yes! yes, that is possible.  Just stick with it!

The road to Peace and Serenity is within each one of us, and it lies in the form of a choice.  Many of us pushed it to the end of the line, where our very existence should no longer be a reality — even so, we've survived.  For those of us, there appeared to be no reason we existed — yet there we were, because of a single choice; we decided to not die.

Sobriety is by no means a perfect road; the ups and downs can seem unbearable.  But I’m learning that others are also traveling this journey, right along with all of the ups and downs that go with it.

If anyone ever wonders, “Why is this happening?!  This just can’t be normal!” I hope they can see through Drunkless that it is indeed “normal” (or as close to normal as it gets being in Recovery) and not lose Hope.

This is how I do it, as imperfect as it is.  And the stories on Drunkless that others are writing is how they do it –right along with me; sharing our experience, strength, and Hope.

Now – as for the rainbow flowing behind a racing bottle of catsup that is trying to, eh-hem, catchup hey, Im tired.  It seemed like the right thing to do at the time as I uh, raced,” to get a picture for the header.

Hey – dont bother me; Im sleepin.



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