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Perfectionism: A Dangerous Flaw of the Mind

A boundary so thick and impenetrable such as this, stops the paths to many successful futures. It cuts off the blood line to your chamber of curiosity, your room for mistakes, and your ability to love fully. It denies you your right to be human. It takes over your ability to follow social norms, your mental health, & your nights of forgotten sleep. It steps in as the new you, the only you, or as society might put it, “The better you”. Let me put it into perspective. Picture your heartbeat swelling, pulsating rapidly, as if it’s squeezing out every ounce of air your lungs struggle to salvage. Why is it beating so hard? Why are you short of breath? Oh, I see… It’s because you know your rough draft wasn’t the best it could be, right? Or is it because someone just asked if you needed any help? They couldn’t possibly see that you’re struggling could they? It’s alright. Just put on that pretty little smile & tell them you’ve got it; they shouldn’t worry too much after that. Actually, just back away from people until you can get those flaws under control. Careful though. Too much time spent alone in your head might result in damage -- physical damage. End Scene. That’s just a short glimpse into the mind of a Perfectionist. The power of perfectionism over some people is not a “useful quality” and needs to be reassessed. Long story short, perfectionism is a Hallmark Card in the shape of a pistol with a trigger that says “Pull Me”.

~D.W.~ (Alateen)


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