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Instant Lesson

By: DL

It amazes me, the way I find myself learning things; the timing, the necessity, and frankly, the frustration turned joy!

When I was much younger, I was a very creative individual.  I liked to play the piano, the trombone, and tinker with (aka: pretend to) play the acoustic guitar, harmonica, and drums.  I could draw, paint, shoot photography and develop film.  I wrote stories and poetry, created videos, and built whatever my heart desired of wood – given the proper tools, of course.

But computers?

I hated computers.  I swore on my life I’d have nothing to do with them as I grew.  I thought they were too much like cheating on art, or designing a desk, or creating music.  It wasn’t the same as “actual work.”  It was cheating!

But my mind changed rather quickly when I found out about non-linear video editing and I began to work on digital photography, and eventually some music.  Whoa.

I went out and bought my first-ever computer, having zero ideas what it was I was doing.  I had done some “research” and talked to a cousin of mine who was a computer nerd, but that was the extent.  I thought I was all ready to walk into the computer store, and demand what I wanted for a reasonable price.  So when I was asked what I needed, the first words out of my mouth were, “I know absolutely nothing about computers, I want to do videos, and I have $5,000 to spend.”

I should have realized that the dollar signs in the salesman’s eyes weren’t because he had “one hell of a deal for me!”  No, it was because he simply saw a gold mine walk in, begging to find a place to offload the heavy weight somewhere other than his back.


Live and learn.

I ended up buying a full blown server, which at the time wasn’t so different from a typical computer except in size – like twice the size.  Needless to say, this machine did exactly 100% nothing that I asked for it to do.  Embarrassed, broke, and no idea where to go, I began to research the very thing I loathed from the start.

Guess what?  I got it to do many of the things it wasn’t able to do.  But it took me time and research.  And I mean a whole lot of it.

But this is how I always learn, out of necessity.  From the tree forts in my childhood, to the self-made swimming pool at the edge of a plateau; which, incidentally, caused a landslide and flooded our neighbor’s back yard… oops.  And entirely off topic, years later, after my family moved away, the kids to family that moved in after us continued to dig in the same spot, where they found the old grave of a lady that was alive in the late 1800’s. Glad it was them and not us – my mother would have flipped out.  Anyway…

Let’s fast forward to today.

As you all no doubt know, I’m learning how to build Drunkless.comAs I stated yesterday, it started out as just a project, just to keep me busy; but I believe that my Higher Power has put something into play here that is much bigger than what my intent was.  And I keep learning.  I find out that I need to push the blogs to social sites.  Enter FB (late last year).  Then HW comes along, and introduces me to Twitter.  But then, we discover that we need to be more flexible and user friendly, and I’m pushed to learn, yet again out of necessity, a way to allow our awesome viewers to share the articles that they want (I didn’t realize we were going to have such a demand for this!); so I hit panic mode (again), and found a way.

Instant Lesson.  I think that’s going to be the title of this very blog, because that’s what I feel like I have to do sometimes, is learn something instantly. That having been said, I can see a pattern in my life where every single thing that I did, both before and after my alcoholic start, has led to where I am at today.


I find it interesting that these things had been there, all these forty-x years, growing and learning and changing and shaping, and it wasn’t until recently that I have actually begun to see them.

Appreciation.  I didn’t realize what I could do, even though I could do it.  It took people in my life demanding of me the very things that they knew I could do, but that I didn’t see, and it forced this stuff in front of me.  I would have never met any of these people except for the fact that I’m in recovery.

Hmmm… even my alcoholism has a role to play in my lessons.  Damn.  I never saw that coming.


We’re going places.  I have no idea where we are going, but we are.  And I can only thank our viewers for pushing us to do better, and my friends for recognizing that, and pushing me to do so.  Without you guys looking for and wanting more, we’d simply be unread virtual ink on virtual pages.

Thank you for the challenges.  Thank you for the lessons.



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