Again??? And, Yippee!!!

Ugh.  No one, I don't care who they are, likes to get sick.  Sadly, I'm falling into that zone again.  I was just sick a while back!  I'm talking like two days after Christmas! (and yes, I checked my history ;) ).  On that note, tonights blog is going to be quick and to the... eh, bed, actually... no real point here, just a short update, so off to bed I go as soon as I can.

Found a place to live!  It is small, quaint, AND has a place for a washer and dryer.  Well, a place for a washer.  Dryer?  There's room for one, but now that I'm typing, I don't think I saw an electrical outlet, and I definitely didn't see a vent... hmmm...  anyway, it is located exactly where I wanted it (the house, that is).  Literally, I can walk across the street, and I am at the grocery store.  I can walk over every day and grab my evening and morning fruits and veggies, and walk back home.  It's not far from parks or other sober activities, and it is much closer to three awesome friends of mine (AF, WH, and ZJ), as well as my main support group.  What?  Did I just hear you say "Sah-weet!"?  I know, right?!

I still have the option of backing out to get a two bedroom apartment, and who knows, I may, but my heart is pretty much set on this one due to location (so much closer to my friends, the grocery store, parks, meetings, etc.), but it is also very small; it will force me to lose all of the unnecessary crap I've gathered over the years.  This will be quite the task, believe me... not really sure how I'm going to accomplish this.

Anyway, that's all for this evening. I'm not feeling well -- my skin feels like it is falling off of my body and my chest hurts to breath deeply <cough cough>.  We'll catch up again tomorrow... or the day after.



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